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Cover of Whitepaper - click to access WhitepaperBest Procedures for the Application of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to Assuring the Quality, Reproducibility, and Reliability of Software-Based Quantitative Image Analysis for Reporting Non-Clinical Data and InformationIQ
This paper examines 21CFR §58, governing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in non-clinical research, and makes recommendations to individuals and institutions (e.g., study sponsors, contracted secondary or tertiary test sites) regarding the regulatory guidelines concerning and considerations involved in requesting specialized services from software-based image analysis test sites where the data is ultimately intended to supplement GLP studies destined for agency review.


Cover of Whitepaper - click to access WhitepaperEnabled Electronic Data Capture: Harnessing The Chaos Of Imaging In Clinical TrialsIQ
Imaging adds a layer of complexity to a clinical trial, with the potential to impact compliance, logistics, time, costs, and the overall data quality of your regulatory submission. Although the use of imaging continues to grow because of the safety and efficacy insight it can provide, imaging is often overlooked during clinical trial initiation and on-going operations because of its complexity, its unfamiliarity, and due to imaging often being relegated to a secondary end point. All of this could add up to potential problems with image data accuracy, audits and trial workflow inefficiencies. Fortunately, there is a new technology that allows you to avoid these problems, and even leverage these risks to your advantage: The Imaging-Enabled EDC System. This educational whitepaper will explain what an imaging-enabled EDC system is, how to use it, and the many benefits it can bring to your clinical trial.

Cover of Whitepaper - click to access WhitepaperRECIST and Beyond: Preparing for the Future of Imaging
and Image Analysis in Oncology Clinical Trials
This informative whitepaper delves into the RECIST tumor evaluation method as it pertains to imaging and image analysis in oncology interventional clinical research. Specifically, the reader will experience the history, evolution, strengths and weakness of RECIST, and how it may be augmented and adapted to potentially improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oncology clinical trials, as well as improve patient outcomes, through the use of automated, quantitative, objective software-based image processing and analysis methods.


Cover of Whitepaper - click to access ImageIQ Oncology imaging Analytics WhitepaperEvaluating Image Analysis in Oncology Clinical Research IQ
This “how-to” whitepaper broadly explores imaging and image analysis in oncology interventional clinical research, and challenges its readers to think critically about the pros and cons of current tumor scoring methods and manual human-based image evaluation. This whitepaper also introduces the concept of objective, quantitative software-based volumetric image analysis, and how it can strengthen the clinical data used to support product safety and efficacy claims.


Cover of Whitepaper - click to access How to Use Precinical Data to Guide and Improve Clinical Trials WebinarHow to Use Preclinical Data to Guide and Improve Clinical Trials IQ
This "how-to" whitepaper guides readers in how to leverage their investment in preclinical research
to improve clinical trial study design, strengthen clinical data, and save money and time throughout
a clinical trial by thinking about and mining preclinical research data and protocols in a whole new way.

Cover of Whitepaper - click to access Imaging Modality Review for Orthopedic Clinical Research WebinarImaging Modality Review For Orthopedic Clinical Research IQ
An upfront understanding of one’s imaging modality options and which of them will best support
crucial research data will avoid unnecessary “data garbage” as the research is underway.



Cover of Whitepaper - click to access Selecting an Imaging Contract Research Organization webinarSelecting an Imaging Contract Research Organization: Important Considerations for Ensuring SuccessIQ
An overview of technical, operational and clinical criteria in planning utilization of Imaging
Contract Research Organizations to enhance data consistency and quality.


Cover of Whitepaper - click to access Utilization of Contralateral Controls in Imaging Studies WebinarUtilization of Contralateral Controls in Imaging StudiesIQ
A clinical overview for clinicians and scientists, showing use of imaging analytics to optimize
contralateral controls to improve results validity and reduce overhead costs.

Cover of Whitepaper - click to access How to Improve and Accelerate Medical Device Testing with Imaging Analytics WebinarHow to Improve and Accelerate Medical Device Testing with Imaging AnalyticsIQ
A whitepaper for medical device researchers, project managers and engineers that explains use of
imaging analytics and its ability to improve data, reduce costs and speed time to market.



Cover of Whitepaper - click to access How to Improve and Accelerate Medical Device Testing with Imaging Analytics WebinarEvaluating Methods for Assessing Glenoid Bone Loss Due to Pathology Resulting from DislocationsIQ
A clinical whitepaper using imaging analytics to assess bone loss.






Can Microcomputed Tomography Measure Retrieved Polyethylene Wear? Comparing Fixed-bearingand Rotating-platform Knees IQ

Deformable Models in Medical Image Analysis: A Survey
Medical Image Analysis

Direct in vivo evidence for tumor propagation by glioblastoma cancer stem cells IQ

MET-Independent Lung Cancer Cells Evading EGFR Kinase Inhibitors Are Therapeutically Susceptible to BH3 Mimetic Agents IQ IQ
Journal of Cancer Research

Quantitative Image Analysis of Drug Induced Lung Fibrosis Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Toxilogical Sciences

Validation of Novel Imaging Methodologies for use as Cancer Clinical Trial Endpoints
National Institutes of Health

Effect of glenoid deformity on glenoid component placement in primary shoulder arthroplasty IQ
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Three-dimensional volume-rendering computed tomography for measuring humeral version IQ
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery


Bone Regeneration in a Rabbit Critical-Sized Calvarial Model Using Tyrosine-Derived Polycarbonate Scaffolds IQ

Pericellular versican regulates the fibroblast-myofibroblast transition: a role for ADAMTS5 protease-mediated proteolysis IQ

Stromal cell-derived factor-1 and monocyte chemotactic protein-3 improve recruitment of osteogenic cells into sites of musculoskeletal repairIQ

Rab13-dependent trafficking of RhoA is required for directional migration and angiogenesis IQ