Preclinical Research Image: Fracture callus healing histological bone classification and analysis
Preclinical Research Image: Cartilage thickness quantification of patella, femur, and tibia for an ACL reconstruction patient
Preclinical Research Image: 3D imaging and quantitative volumetric image analysis for the measurement of bone quality characteristics
Preclinical Research Image: Bridging the gap between the preclinical to clinical worlds. Registered clinical and microCT bone analysis for the same defects
Preclinical Research Image: High resolution imaging and custom-tailored image processing and quantitative analysis for digital histology and virtual pathology

We are fluent in imaging analytics, allowing you to use our expertise to explore the nature of your research through customized quantitative imaging analytics to imagine and realize what data are possible.


Online Preclincial Image Analysis

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Imaging Expertise for Preclinical Research

As core scientists search for a basic understanding of new discoveries, there are a myriad of tools and methodologies to consider. One of those tools is imaging – white light, microscopy, microCT, high field MRI, bioluminescence, x-ray and many more. Imaging allows you to literally see data, and is easier to navigate, but the strength of imaging is in its quantitative data. How do you accurately and cost-effectively connect the dots between the images and the data they contain? Students and technicians do it, software tools help, but it is time consuming, relatively subjective and expensive. Using sophisticated customized quantitative techniques, analysis and software, ImageIQ can enable you to:

  • Ensure the quantification and consistency of your data
  • Have impenetrable research documentation for the FDA and/or publication
  • Reduce the costs and time of manual qualitative research
  • Reduce time to clinical trial

Preclinical research video case studies

Video Case Study 1: Automated Assessment of Cell Transfection Efficiency

Video Case Study 2: Quantitative Correlation of Micro-CT and Histomorphometry to Assess Implant Efficacy

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“We rely on Dr. Vasanji’s team at ImageIQ to deliver high quality and unbiased performance data for our biomaterial and scaffold preclinical studies. The image acquisition, processing and analysis expertise brought to the table by ImageIQ has reduced our development timelines and increased the quality of our data. We consider them a valuable partner in our biomaterial and scaffold R&D programs.”  

Dr. Joachim Kohn; Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry; Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University