Image Analysis for Non-Healthcare Verticals

Our reputation has expanded outside of our core healthcare expertise. We've been the imaging experts for many projects for agriculture, industrial manufacturing, social sciences, and more. Here are just a few images from the many interesting projects in which we've been involved.

Extraordinary data with imaging analytics


Razor blade 2D SEM wear analysis coupled with 3D micro-CT volumetric visualization.


Fully automated machine vision steel sheet QA counting analysis.


Time lapse particle tracking and analysis of SLR camera imaging of drinking cup explosion.


Time lapse bullet testing analytics in ballistic gel measuring projectile bullet velocity and wound size over time.


Hamburger micro-CT imaging analysis segmenting and quantifying the bun, burger, and fat content.



Condensation water droplet segmentation measuring the pixel coordinates, diameter, and aspect ratio. A droplet family tree using a connectivity analysis outputting a single color per family.


Industrial manufacturing QA inspection of miss-wired circuit boards utilizing machine vision termination point inspection analysis.



Automated tire inflation level analysis measuring the “roundness” at points around the tire perimeter.


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“ImageIQ’s ability to use custom software engineering to tailor image processing, analysis and visualization to the specific demands of a given study has helped my team improve the quality and reproducibility of our image measurements and study outcomes. We view our relationship with ImageIQ as a unique competitive advantage, and cannot imagine using anyone else for our imaging and image analysis research.”   

Dr. Aniq Darr; Director of Quality and Product Development; Abyrx, Inc. (formally Orthocon)