Large Field-of-View Analysis of Fracture Callus Healing

Project Summary: In order to assess the extent of healing following non-union fracture in response to various therapies (PTH, bisphosphonates, etc), the callus sites of histologically stained (i.e. Safranin-O/FAST Green) and sectioned long bones can be digitized using a high resolution, large field-of-view microscope and subsequently evaluated for thickness, area, and tissue composition (fibrous, bone, cartilagenous tissue content) in a quati. Since histological stains can differentiate between these various tissue types, an automated, histogram based segmentation algorithm can be implemented to quantitatively assess these metrics and eliminate any user-introduced bias. For the purpose of validation and auditing, a pseudo-colored feature image reporting the relative percent of bone, cartilage, and fibrous tissue is generated for each image analyzed.

Large field-of-view Analytsis of Fracture Callus Healing


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