Imagequantify.Com Announces New Iqbot For Quantitative Image Analysis Of Eotaxin

September 22, 2016

CLEVELAND, OHIO – September 22, 2016, an online automated platform for quantitative preclinical image analysis created by ImageIQ, today announced the addition of the Eotaxin Analysis IQbot to its publicly available collection of automated image analysis and documentation research tools. “IQbots” are tools for preclinical research imaging assays that deliver validated, comprehensive image analysis data that is objective and reproducible. Within every IQbot results package researchers receive complete data (e.g., quantitative databases, analysis overlays) and reference materials (e.g., methods protocols, video walkthroughs of output data, relevant citations, support for GLP compliance, validation records).

Eotaxin is a chemokine involved in eosinophil chemotaxis activation during inflammation that is commonly implicated in aging research. To conduct the associated assay, non-adherent cells (eosinophils) are cytospun onto a slide, fixed, and stained with a nuclear marker (i.e., DAPI) and eotaxin antibodies before being scanned fluorescently with a microscope. The Eotaxin Analysis IQbot segments and quantifies the total number of nuclei in each image and the total region of interest (ROI) area. It then extrudes the boundary of each nucleus a fixed distance, forming a ring-shaped ROI for analysis of mean intensity and integrated optical density for each cell. In addition to the quantitative metrics generated, the IQbot provides a pseudo-colored overlay for visual audit and presentation. The IQbot’s analysis techniques can also be applied when using an alternative marker! For further detailed information, watch this 8-minute video on the Eotaxin Analysis IQbot. software engineers are consistently building new IQbots. To prompt prioritization of a new or custom IQbot, researchers may submit requests to enter the IQbot Incubation Program.

About is an online quantitative image analysis research tool for discovery and preclinical research. Leveraging the benefits of secure cloud technology and ecommerce, provides validated and automated software-based image analysis. As a result, all nonclinical researchers may now take advantage of accurate, reproducible, objective imaging analytics that are both affordable and accessible.’s preclinical services are backed by the expertise of ImageIQ, Inc., a full service Imaging Contract Research Organization. ImageIQ is a Cleveland Clinic Innovations Company.

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