August 2016

Coming of Age: MRI Imaging in Discovery & Preclinical Research

Deciding which imaging modality(ies) to use in your research brings up many challenges and questions. How will my preclinical imaging decisions affect the translational aspects of my long-term goals? How will the FDA react to my imaging data? What are the data quality and cost implications associated with my options? Join our panel of experts as they delve into the current state of preclinical MRI technology, explore how 3D imaging is improving translational research, and provide insight regarding the advantages and limitations of MRI relative to more traditional preclinical research imaging modalities.




What You’ll Learn

  • What is MRI, how MRI technology has changed over the years, and where it is now
  • How advanced imaging hardware necessitates advanced quantitative image analysis
  • How micro-CT and MRI are enhancing imaging data
  • How histology and MRI can complement each other
  • How MRI can help with translational research
  • How preclinical and clinical MRI sequences are related, and how they are different
  • Considerations for protocol design to enable transition from animals to humans

Who Should Attend

Researchers, Scientists and Life Science Leaders who:

  • Are interested in understanding how MR can advance their biomedical research
    Want to leverage imaging to translate their preclinical research to first-in-human studies
  • Want to leverage 3D imaging to reduce the cost and time challenges of histology
  • Want to accelerate research timelines and scientific conclusions with MRI data
  • Need to stay current on the current state of MR imaging in basic, discovery and preclinical research

Our Speakers:

Charlie Androjna, D. Eng.
Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Manager, Preclinical MR Imaging Core
Research Associate, Cleveland Clinic Rodent Imaging Center (CCRIC)

Dr. Androjna has more than 16 years of biomedical research experience, including musculoskeletal, tissue engineering, stem cells, and kidney research, and is known for her small animal imaging expertise within the Cleveland Clinic as the manager of its Preclinical MR Imaging Core. She earned a Master’s of Science in chemical engineering and Doctorate of Biomedical Engineering from Cleveland State University. Prior to her current position, Dr. Androjna served as a Research Associate Staff in the department of Biomedical Engineering and, before that, was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland Clinic. She has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, including research on fracture healing and lower limb vascular atrophy.

Chris Flask Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Radiology, Case Western Reserve University

Scientific Director, Case Center for Imaging Research

Dr. Flask’s research is focused on the development of quantitative MRI biomarkers for disease progression and therapeutic efficacy. With facilities to perform both preclinical and clinical MRI research studies, his group has developed a novel platform of rapid imaging techniques that provide in vivo Magnetization Transfer (MT) / Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer, Diffusion Tensor, and magnetic relaxation assessments for MRI scanners. The development of this imaging platform for high field, preclinical MRI scanners allows for effective validation of these new techniques as markers for both physiologic function and disease progression in animal models. These techniques are also ideally suited for rapid clinical translation to both low and high field human MRI scanners. Dr. Flask has earned a PhD Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Amit Vasanji, Ph.D.
Chief Technology and Scientific Officer, ImageIQ
Dr. Vasanji oversees the planning and execution of ImageIQ’s imaging analytics. Amit has over 12 years of experience with basic and clinical research image acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization and software programming. He was the founder of Cleveland Clinic’s Biomedical Imaging and Analysis Center, and served as its Executive Director from 2005 - 2011. During his tenure at the Cleveland Clinic, he authored over 50 publications — many in high impact journals, participated in the writing of a number of funded grants, served as a consultant and co-investigator on federal, state, corporate, and institutional grants, presented at national scientific meetings, and won numerous awards for innovation and service. Dr. Vasanji received a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Miami, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Tim Kulbago, M.S.
President & Chief Executive Officer, ImageIQ
Mr. Kulbago has over 16 years of experience in the medical imaging industry. For the past 5 years he has led the company as it developed industry-changing methodologies for image analysis, clinical trial EDC software, and mobile device imaging software for dermatology and wound healing clinical trials.  He has held several executive positions in the imaging industry including General Manager, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to joining ImageIQ in 2013, Tim was responsible for two businesses within Merge Healthcare (NASDAQ: MRGE). Tim was formerly the Chief Technology Officer of RIS Logic, a Solon, Ohio based startup company which created an industry-leading information system for radiology practices. Before joining the medical industry, Tim spent several years as a Research Assistant at the Applied Research Laboratory at The Pennsylvania State University, developing virtual reality training and visualization systems. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio with studies in Computer Science, Physics, and Math, and was honored with their “Distinguished Physics Alumnus Award” in 2004. He has a Master’s Degree in Acoustics from The Pennsylvania State University.



Charlie Androjna, Ph.D.
Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Manager, Preclinical MR Imaging Core
Research Associate, Cleveland Clinic Rodent Imaging Center (CCRIC)

Chris Flask Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University
Associate Professor of Radiology,

Case Center for Imaging Research
Scientific Director

Amit Vasanji, Ph.D.
ImageIQ, Inc.
Chief Technology and Scientific Officer

Tim Kulbago
ImageIQ, Inc.
President & CEO