Clinical Trials Image: Alzheimer’s case study of a multi-year patient using PET metabolic acquisitions to quantitatively analyze metabolic activity of dissemination in time and space
Clinical Trials Image: Customized image processing and analysis software to track and quantify contrast agent perfusion for improved detection of pulmonary emboli
Clinical Trials Image: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) automated segmentation, analysis and visualization from MR acquisitions
Clinical Trials Image: MRI imaging and automated software-based analysis for the assessment of cartilage regeneration via quantitative T2-mapping of tissue stratification
Clinical Trials Image: CT imaging and automated volumetric detection and quantitative analysis of tumors and lesions within the lungs and other soft tissue organs

We are experts in all facets of imaging in clinical trials, from imaging modality selection, protocol development, site training, site qualification to integration of quantitative customized image analysis.

Clinical Trials Imaging Expertise

ImageIQ specializes in the science and imaging of clinical trials – far beyond just collecting radiology reads.

Electronic DataWhen you have a technology, drug or science that is ready to be moved into clinical trial, there are many challenges that you face. Can you prove that the science is legitimate? Can you create a protocol that will be accepted in the community – safe, reliable and repeatable? Is your trial efficacious enough to get through the IRB? Will you be FDA compliant? What are the best ways to manage time and cost of the trial?

The people who are responsible for running trials are experts in their science, but not necessarily in all the other areas that support them. How will the disparate sites and compliance to protocols be managed? And most importantly, how will you get it all done, on time, on budget, with accurate data? Easy. With your partners at ImageIQ.

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Creating Imaging Protocols for Clinical Trials

Learn how to overcome the challenges of writing protocols that will deliver consistent, accurate and clinically significant imaging data for your clinical trial.

Multi-Modality 3-Dimensional Image Fusion

ImageIQ uses customized CT and MRI image fusion and analysis to support a deep brain stimulation clinical trial.

How to Best Present Imaging Clinical Trial Data

Learn the best ways to present your clinical trial imaging data, with techniques that leverage information shown in the clinical images.

Longitudinal 3-Dimensional Analysis of Resorbable Implants

ImageIQ helps an Orthopedic Device client quantitatively assess implant safety and efficacy over multiple time points for a clinical trial.

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Proven Methodologies

We follow proven  21 CFR Part 11 compliance supportive methodologies that deliver beyond-expected results.

  • Site Selection
  • Site Certification
  • Equipment Validation
  • Protocol Development
  • Image Modality Selection
  • Image Modality Qualification
  • Project Management
  • Image Transfer & Management
  • Image Data Secure Storage and Archive
  • Expert Image Evaluation
  • Customized Quantitative Software Analysis
  • Transparent, Accurate Data
  • Data Management
  • Report Creation
  • Biostatistical Design and Analysis
  • FDA Advisement/Consulting
  • Site Auditing, Monitoring and Compliance
  • Custom-tailored Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Systems


“I have worked with ImageIQ on developing automated image analysis algorithms for retina disease diagnosis. The ImageIQ team is incredibly professional, easy to work with and equally brilliant. ImageIQ has a handful of projects here at Cole Eye Institute, where their vast clinical and software engineering expertise has been critical to developing unique algorithms for disease measurements alongside clinicians. I have no doubt that our continued use of ImageIQ services will be instrumental to our ability to develop and commercialize new technologies.”  

Rishi Singh, MD; Staff Clinician; Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic