For C5 Research, ImageIQ created iCAS, an image-enabled EDC and clinical trial management system (CTMS)

C5 Research, a Cleveland Clinic-based academic research organization (ARO), provides clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries to develop, implement, and successfully conduct clinical trials.

iCas ScreenThey were using multiple software systems to manage data upload, transfer and management, and additional software and processes to review, process, analyze, store and archive images – all common challenges in an industry where “off the shelf” trial management software is the norm. They looked at several commercial solutions to solve their problem, but found them lacking in the imaging functionality and burdened with complexity and a steep learning curve. Because of ImageIQ’s expertise in imaging analytics, clinical trial workflow and software development, ImageIQ was able to create a custom-tailored solution that was far more cost effective, operationally efficient and compliant to regulatory standards. 

The custom software, called iCAS, is a HIPAA and FDA compliant solution for clinical trial data collection, viewing, analysis, storage, management and communication. Following the exact workflow that was optimal for C5 Research, iCAS:

  • Significantly reduced technologist and physician work time
  • Reduced workflow complexity and eliminated human process-based errors
  • Eliminated “lost” images and data
  • Can be customized for a wide range of data collected in clinical research spanning a board number of medical applications, treatment indications and imaging modalities.
  • Was cost-comparable to off-the-shelf software!