Imaging-Enabled Automated QA customized for your manufacturing process

Most medical device and biotech companies use a visual inspection and analysis process in their everyday work. That visual inspection method may be for product QA or quality control, in early scientific discovery and investigation, or in generating important preclinical and clinical R&D data anywhere in the product development life cycle. Most of those systems are manual, costly, time intensive, and full of vulnerability, all of which can even lead to inaccurate data.

Imaging-enabled automated QA provides concrete visual evidence and quantitative data for your manufacturing processes that can:

  • Quantify compliance to specification, in constant and reproducible ways.
  • Support data security and process regulatory compliance
  • Provide reliable continuous quality assurance for all aspects of the product
  • Measure/explore aspects of your product that are undetectable to the human eye

Biomedical QA Automation

Condensation water droplet segmentation measuring the pixel coordinates, diameter, and aspect ratio. A droplet family tree using a connectivity analysis outputting a single color per family.